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Vice President Bawumia collaborates with actor Idris Elba to boost creative arts conomy

February 16, 2024
Vice President Bawumia collaborates with actor Idris Elba to boost creative arts conomy
Idris Elba and Bawumiah creative arts discussion

Vice President Dr has held discussions with celebrated actor, Idris Elba, and his team at the , , on how to expand the creative arts economy of Africa. The discussions focused on the financial inclusion of Ghanaian creative arts and devising strategies to integrate them into the worldwide financial ecosystem.

Vice President Bawumia noted that many African industry players had been locked out of the global payment ecosystem and used the meeting to discuss the proposed implementation of a new system leveraging blockchain technology to assist creative arts players in Africa. That would enable them to be paid well for their music and arts no matter where in the world they were used commercially.

“Given Ghana's relatively advanced system of digital payments, the new system is expected to be launched in Ghana later this year. My thanks to Idris Elba for his commitment to the development of the African creative arts economy,” the Vice President stated.

In his address to the nation on his vision, Vice President Bawumia pledged to change the dwindling fortunes of the entertainment sector and implement innovative measures to create more jobs, if elected President of Ghana. “I will also have a major focus on policies, tax and other incentives to increase private and public investment in tourism, creative arts and sports for more job creation.

Tax incentives will also be provided for film producers and musicians,” he said. “We will also introduce other initiatives such as digital and streaming platforms for our artists to make tourism and the creative arts a growth pole in Ghana.” The Flagbearer stated that some of the policies rolled out under President 's government were already yielding dividends and would continue to enhance them under his tenure.

“We will build on the Year of Return, , and ,” he noted. “A Visa-on-arrival policy will be introduced for international tourists to enhance growth in the industry.” “To boost tourism and job creation, my government will implement a visa-on-arrival policy for all international visitors to Ghana as has recently been implemented by .”

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