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About GhStandard

We bring you accurate Breaking News, Trends & Top Stories in Business, Politics, Lifestyle, Technology, and more from Ghana, Nigeria, Africa, and across the globe.

The Ghanaian Standard news media outlet (GhStandard) was established on November 22, 2021, with a charge to “disseminate truthful unbiased news”. GhStandard has therefore been operating in the unique role of mobilizing our readers for nation-building, economic and social development, national unity and integration.


GhStandard strives to be the preferred source of news and information on Ghana, Africa and the World.

Main Output

GhStandard gathers news from all regions, and districts, of Ghana and is able to promote a viable, united and cohesive nation by highlighting stories that engender development, integration and peace by keeping the world informed.

GhStandard is instrumental in carrying government messages, policies, plans and programmes to the people, including those in the remotest areas of the country. We are particularly interested in giving a voice to the vast majority of citizens living in rural areas, thereby promoting good governance and reducing the urban bias of news reportage.

In effect, GhStandard highlights the problems, desires, difficulties and aspirations of the public. Thus, matters of great importance including, disasters and incidences of diseases such as Corona Virus, Glaucoma, Tuberculosis, Malaria, and Buruli Ulcers, are promptly brought to the attention of the Government for action.

GhStandard operates from our offices in Iron City – Amanfrom, in the Ga South municipality of Accra, and als`o employs the services of writers in many towns and villages.

Permanent employees: Management staff, journalists, IT team, and secretaries.

Products and Services

Ghana news bulletin: A daily package of news consisting of stories from across the country. This is compiled daily and is available to our readers on

Foreign news bulletin: A compilation of foreign news from Reuters, Xinhua, Pan African News Agency, DPA, etc. Export news is the news of foreign interest that is generated in Ghana.

Press releases: We publish corporate releases for companies.

Features: These are articles written to promote some entities. Our writers work with marketers to put together the best content marketing pieces for companies.

Obituaries: We publish obituaries of funerals in our obituaries section.