Ten African countries to battle for cultural “Domination” in Uganda – Africa Monologue Challenge

Ten African countries to battle for cultural Domination in Uganda - AMC

Ten finalists from across Africa are gearing up for the Africa Monologue Challenge (AMC) 2024, set to take place in . These finalists, selected from a pool of 2,000 applicants, represent a diverse array of cultures and storytelling talents.

Mr. Mawuko Kuadzi, CEO of MK Casting, hailed the finalists as “eloquent storytellers” who will compete to showcase their countries' unique cultures through the art of monologue. The AMC, he emphasized, is not just a competition but a celebration of African diversity.

As the finalists converge in Uganda, they will immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of African cultures, from culinary delights to cultural exchanges. Uganda, known as the Pearl of Africa, extends its renowned hospitality as the host country for this year's AMC.

Mr. Dwomoh-Doyen Benjamin, Executive Director of the African Chamber of Content Producers, highlighted the AMC's role in fostering cultural exchange and understanding. The event, he noted, will generate significant economic activity, driving tourism and local business patronage.

The AMC champions the message of unity in diversity, resonating with global audiences and promoting a shared sense of humanity. Finalists will have the opportunity to forge international connections, opening doors to cross-border collaborations and innovations.

The journey to the AMC finals has been rigorous, with the 10 finalists emerging after 10 months of evictions. The initiative, spearheaded by MK Casting in partnership with the African Chamber of Content Producers and the National Film Authority of Ghana, operates under the auspices of the Uganda Communications Commission this year.

Organizers are actively engaging with African governments and Pan-African businesses to garner support for the finalists and ensure the success of the event. The ultimate champion of the AMC will not only claim the title but also earn the honour of hosting the next Monologue Challenge in their home country, in addition to other prestigious opportunities and cash prizes.

As the AMC 2024 unfolds, it promises to captivate audiences with its celebration of African talent, culture, and diversity, reaffirming the continent's rich heritage on the global stage.

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