Kplejoo Festival celebrated with splendour in Tema

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Kplejoo Festival celebrated with splendour in Tema

The people of celebrated their annual Kplejoo Festival on Saturday with vibrant displays of singing, drumming, and dancing by the Kple groups, marking the occasion with splendour.

Kplejoo, a planting festival, holds significance as one of the two festivals observed by the people of , preceding the Homowo celebrations. During this festival, maize planting takes centre stage, accompanied by a ban on drumming and noise-making. This quiet period allows traditional leaders to reflect and seek protection and a bountiful harvest from the gods.

A highlight of the festival is the traditional Kple dance, performed by traditional priests and priestesses within the shrine houses of the main gods of Tema. This rhythmic dance, accompanied by singing, praises the gods and commemorates their protection and ancestral deeds.

In addition to its cultural and religious significance, the Kple festival serves as a platform for youth groups to engage in peer review mechanisms. Dressed in uniforms and elaborate attire, they sing songs praising good deeds and admonishing unacceptable behaviours, honouring the sacrifices of their forefathers who vacated their ancestral village for the construction of the harbour.

Nii Adjetey Agbo II, the Tema Mankralo, and Acting President of the Tema Traditional Council, commended the display and songs composed during the festival. He emphasized the need for government and institutions to provide employment opportunities for the youth of Tema, considering their significant contributions to the nation's revenue.

Mr. Daniel Titus Glover, the Greater Regional Minister designate, pledged to promote the Ga-Dangme culture by highlighting the Kplejoo Festival to attract tourists.

Mr. Yohane Amarh Ashitey, the Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive and New Patriotic Party () Tema East Parliamentary Candidate, expressed satisfaction with the increased participation of youth groups in the festival, indicating their understanding and acceptance of its significance. He mentioned initiatives such as Kplejoo Lectures and singing sessions to familiarize non-indigenes with the festival.

Mr. Isaac Ashai Odamtten, the Member of for Tema East and National Democratic Congress () parliamentary candidate, addressed the issue of unemployment in Tema, highlighting it as a central theme in the songs composed by the groups. He advocated for the 's proposal as a solution to the unemployment challenge in Ghana.

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