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What  courses, and how much is AAMUSTED tuition fees? This article is a full list of accredited AAMUSTED courses as of May 2022.


The Akenten Appiah-Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development (AAMUSTED), was established on August 27, 2020, under Act 1026 of 2020 of the  of the Republic of Ghana.

AAMUSTED was formed from the College of Technology Education,  (COLTEK) and the College of Agriculture Education (CAGRIC), Asante-Mampong, which were campuses of the University of Education, .

The University traces its history to the evolution of COLTEK and CAGRIC. COLTEK started as a Technical College (TTC) in 1966 and later metamorphosed into the Kumasi Advanced Technical Teachers College (KATTC) in 1978.

The College of Agriculture Education on the other hand, evolved from the St. Andrews Training College, Akropong-Akwapim in the , which was established in 1946 by the  of Ghana (PCG) and the Scottish Mission.

The KATTC and the St. Andrews Training College were part of the seven (7) Diploma-Awarding Institutions which were amalgamated to form the University College of Education, Winneba (UCEW) by PNDC Law 322, in 1992.

UCEW was weaned from the University of  and became an autonomous University in 2004, under Act 672 of the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana.

In addition to institutional accreditation, AAMUSTED academic programmes are also accredited by the National Accreditation Board. 

What are the courses offered in AAMUSTED?

This article is a full list of accredited AAMUSTED courses as of May 2022.

AAMUSTED Degree Courses

The following table is a full list of undergraduate degree courses offered by AAMUSTED, according to the  (GTEC) as of May 2022

1B.B.A Management
2B.Sc. Management Education
3Bachelor of Business Administration (Executive Office Administration)
4Bachelor of Business Administration (Secretarial Education)
AAMUSTED Degree Courses

AAMUSTED Post-graduate Degree Courses

The following table is a full list of post-graduate degree courses offered by AAMUSTED, according to the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) as of May 2022

1M.Phil. Chemistry Education
2M.Phil. Mechanical Engineering Technology
3M.Tech. Mechanical Engineering Technology
4MSc. Information Technology Education (Sandwich and Weekend)
AAMUSTED Post-graduate Degree Courses

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