Hospitals in Tamale: Health Facilities in Northern Region

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Hospitals in Tamale: Health Facilities in Northern Region
Fuo Community Hospital

The following is a comprehensive list of all hospitals in hospitals in , their specialities, contact phone numbers, and location addresses.

It includes clinics, pharmacies and health facilities in the whole of the of Ghana.

Health FacilitySpecialityPhone NumberLocation
Chamalt PharmacyPharmacy024-4601450 / 024-4567767Hse No. F85, Dakpema, Lamashiegu Road, 
Fuo Community HospitalGP020-8119668Plot 129 Fuo, Tamale
God's Life Eye CentreEye Clinic024-4471011Tamale
Habana Medical CentreGP026-2186766Tamale
Kabsad Scientific HospitalGP0207101842 / 020-8167824Jakala Yili – Tamale
MDS LancetLaboratory026-3010080Tamale, near Teaching Hospital
New Life Medical Lab/ClinicGP, Laboratory0208525142 / 03720-22040Tamale
Poldarman Diagnostics CentreLaboratory024-413486 / 03720-92294Opposite , Tamale
PolyMed Company LtdLaboratory, CT Scan037-2027719 / 024-4850200Tamale
Rabito ClinicGP, Dermatologist024-762794Tamale, along Rivoli Road near Melcom
Ricky PharmacyPharmacy03720-23426 / 020-8161286Tamale
SeeClear Opticians (2 branches)Optical020-01618385 / 024-0508198Tamale
Slava PharmPharmacy020-8167836Tamale
GP, Physiotherapy, PHY, Obstetrician & Gynaecology, Pediatrist, ENT, Diet, Eye020-9244482 / 026-3435570 Rd, Tamale
Tizaa Specialist HospitalGP, Obstetrician & Gynaecology024-0148745Tamale


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