Delay in announcing Bawumia’s running mate could pose challenges – Asah-Asante

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Delay in announcing Bawumia’s running mate could pose challenges – Asah-Asante

Dr. Kwame Asah-Asante, a Senior Political Science lecturer at the , has urged the New Patriotic Party () to promptly announce its running mate for the upcoming 2024 general elections.

While acknowledging the importance of thorough consultation in the selection process, Dr. Asah-Asante stressed the urgency of the situation, citing the escalating election fervour across the nation.

In an interview with , Dr. Asah-Asante emphasized the need to strike a balance between comprehensive consultation and timely action. He warned against prolonged delays, cautioning that announcing the running mate too late into the campaign could expose them to heightened scrutiny and challenges.

“The party must be mindful of the fact that time is not on their side. Yes, you want to consult broadly but you can't spend all your life on that,” Dr. Asah-Asante remarked.

He further highlighted the potential risks of delaying the announcement, suggesting that a delayed introduction of the running mate could disrupt the campaign momentum and subject the candidate to intense scrutiny and criticism.

“I think the delay is becoming too much. I think the party must quickly come out with a running mate,” Dr. Asah-Asante concluded.

As the election season gains momentum, Dr. Asah-Asante's call for swift action underscores the significance of timely decision-making in the political landscape.

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