VIVO Couture shines at 2024 Miss World contest in Mumbai

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VIVO Couture shines at 2024 Miss World contest in Mumbai

The spotlight shone on Ghanaian at the 2024 Miss World Contest in Mumbai, , as VIVO Couture, a brand hailing from the Volta Regional Capital, , showcased its exquisite designs.

Among the 120 beauty queens representing countries worldwide, VIVO Couture had the honour of adorning Mariam Xorlasi, Ghana's Beauty Queen and the winner of the 2023 Miss Ghana Contest. Ms. Pulcherie Nyuiemedi Ahoomey-Zunu, the mastermind behind VIVO Couture, was chosen alongside two other talented dressmakers to create stunning ensembles for the Ghanaian representative.

Ms. Ahoomey-Zunu's journey to the Miss World stage began through a collaboration with fabric manufacturer Textiles Limited (ATL), a longstanding sponsor of Ghana's beauty pageants. Their encounter at the 2023 Volta Trade and Investment Fair, organized by the (AGI), paved the way for this remarkable opportunity.

Reflecting on her experience, Ms. Ahoomey-Zunu expressed her gratitude for the chance to showcase her creations on a global platform. Crafting the outfits for Miss Ghana demanded creativity, skill, and dedication, with the designer pushing the boundaries of her artistry to meet the high standards of the event.

Despite the tight timeframe, Ms. Ahoomey-Zunu rose to the challenge, drawing inspiration from her reservoir of ideas and expertise. The process was both exhilarating and demanding, requiring meticulous attention to detail to ensure the outfits were nothing short of perfection.

Ms. Ahoomey-Zunu, a stalwart in the 's fashion scene, emphasized the need for collaboration among designers to promote the industry further. While acknowledging the region's growing appetite for quality fashion, she urged her colleagues to step forward and showcase their unique talents.

Mr. Sam Arday, Marketing Manager of ATL, lauded VIVO Couture's achievement as a testament to the company's commitment to supporting local talent. ATL's decades-long association with beauty pageants has played a pivotal role in nurturing Ghana's fashion industry, with the recent collaboration spotlighting the burgeoning talent in the .

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