National Service Association President urges personnel to accept posting to rural areas

NASPA President urges members to accept posting to rural areas

Mr Wise Bediako, the President of the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) for Municipality in the Region, has urged his colleagues to accept postings to rural communities to help develop these areas.

Mr Bediako said national service personnel could have great impact in rural areas, by providing the much-needed support in areas such as education, health and agriculture. 

He said personnel and professionals could also derive immense benefits by accepting postings to rural communities. 

Mr Bediako at the first general meeting with members of the national service personnel, said the presence of national service personnel in the rural communities where there was often a lack of resources and manpower was very key.

He said serving in these areas could provide valuable experience and skills that could benefit national service personnel in their future careers. 

“Giving back to the community and making a positive impact on the lives of those in need is very important to the development of a nation.

I therefore encourage my colleagues to embrace this opportunity of serving in the rural areas to make a difference in the lives of others,” he said.

Dr Yidu Dzene, the Programmes Deputy Director of Education in charge of Statistics and Planning in the Nkwanta South bemoaned how some of the service personnel rejected postings to rural communities. 

He said over the years national service personnel had had great influence on the communities in which they served and as such had become agents of change in those areas, becoming alarming when others failed to serve. 

Madam Olivia Yawa Aglago, the Oti Regional Feeding Programme Coordinator, advised the national service personnel to take up other opportunities while serving to avoid depending on the government for employment after their term.

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