The 2.1 Million Jobs Lie


There is no hope for the young people under the current government. Bawumia is still repeating the lies about jobs.

The claim by Bawumia that this government has created 2.1 million jobs is a figment of Bawumia's own imagination. That claim cements Bawumia's reputation as a chronic pathological liar who has no shame.

  • February 2021 – Employment Minister, claimed had created 3 million jobs.
  • 16th September 2020 – Same Employment Minister, Ignatius Baffour Awuah claimed they had created 5.3 million jobs.
  • 27th April, 2023 – Bawumia claimed that they have created 2.2 million jobs
  • Now 7th February, 2024 – Bawumia claims they have created 2.1 million jobs

The question is, which of these figures must we believe?

How come the 5.3 million jobs created in 2020 dropped to 2.1 million in 2024?

The job numbers keep changing and falling at every turn, depending on who is speaking. It is obvious that these figures are mere conjectures and not borne out by the facts.

  • Again, how come the unemployment situation in Ghana keeps getting worse by the day? In spite of all their so-called flagship initiatives like NABCO, YouthStart etc,
    unemployment which stood at 8.4% in 2016, is today a staggering 14%.
  • According to the Ghana Living Standards Survey 7, page 89, the number of unemployed people in Ghana stood at 1,27,594 in 2020. Again, the 2021 National Population and Housing Census put the number of unemployed people in Ghana at 1,551,118. If Bawumia's claim of creating 2.1 million jobs is true, this government should have eradicated unemployment by now.

Bawumia is a danger to the future if he cannot acknowledge the present.


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