Minister of Roads Kwesi Amoako proposes temporary measures to address road concerns for tanker drivers

Mr Kwesi Amoako Atta, the Minister of Roads and Highways, has put forward temporary measures to rehabilitate a 7.2-kilometre stretch of road from Kpone to the Oil Refinery area.

The proposal was made during a working and mediation engagement with the Tema chapter of the Tanker Drivers Association of Ghana to address the ongoing strike and assess the current condition of the road.

According to Mr Amoako Atta, the contractor has been instructed to reshape the entire road and ensure drivability for both drivers and pedestrians.

To ensure proper execution, an ad-hoc committee will be formed, comprising representatives from various tanker drivers' unions, to oversee and monitor the contractor's adherence to the agreed-upon proposals.

Acknowledging the slow progress on the road, the Minister emphasized that the government has not abandoned the project since its award two years ago.

Mr Amoako Atta assured the striking drivers that he will personally visit the road on a weekly basis until it becomes suitable for domestic and commercial motorists, aiming to alleviate inconveniences caused by the current state of the road.

Mr George Nyayonu, Chairman of the Tema chapter of the Tanker Drivers Association of Ghana, stated that the strike aimed to draw attention to the dangers posed by the road to tanker drivers.

He expressed satisfaction with the Minister's decision to expedite the road construction to prevent unforeseen circumstances and potential damage to their vehicles.

Following indoor meetings with various stakeholders in Tema, the Tanker Drivers Association of Ghana has temporarily suspended the strike, which commenced on Monday.

The engagement sought to address the drivers' concerns and highlight the need for improvements to the deployable roads leading to fuel depots across the country.

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