Mental Health Authority advocates for transformation of COVID-19 levy to mental health support

Mental Health Authority advocates for transformation of COVID-19 levy to mental health support

The Authority has urged the government to consider converting the Levy into a Mental Health Levy to bolster awareness campaigns and advocacy efforts for mental health conditions in Ghana. Madam Estelle Appiah, the Board Chairperson of the Authority, made this plea at the official launch of ‘Purple Month' in , dedicated to raising mental health awareness across the nation.

The month-long campaign, themed “Movement: Moving More for Our Mental Health,” aims to promote the well-being of citizens amidst growing concerns about mental health issues. According to the , more than 2.3 million people in Ghana are experiencing some form of mental health disorder.

Madam Appiah emphasized the importance of rallying support from all sectors to destigmatize mental health conditions in the country. She highlighted the significance of the chosen theme, aligning with the Authority's mission to raise public awareness, amplify the voices of service users and caregivers, and advocate for the rights of individuals affected by mental health disorders.

Lady Julia Osei Tutu, representing the , Otumfuor Osei Tutu II, pledged support for the ‘Purple Month' initiative and affirmed the importance of mental wellbeing in society. She commended the Authority for dedicating an entire month to promoting awareness and sensitizing the public on mental health issues.

Professor Pinaman Appau, the CEO of the Mental Health Authority, noted that Ghana's designation of May as Purple Month mirrors similar initiatives in countries like the and the , emphasizing the global importance of mental health awareness.

The month-long celebration will feature various public engagements, including activities at educational institutions, corporate entities, faith-based organizations, and media interviews. Planned events include a health walk and mental health week aimed at raising awareness among youth and addressing related issues.

By transforming the COVID-19 Levy into a Mental Health Levy and dedicating May to mental health awareness, Ghana takes a significant step forward in combating stigma, advocating for supportive policies, and celebrating recovery from mental illness.

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