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Duplicity of Looks Art Exhibition opens in Accra with a call to preserve African cultural identity

Duplicity of Looks Art Exhibition opens in Accra with a call to preserve African cultural identity

The Duplicity of Looks Art Exhibition has been opened in  with a call for Ghanaians to support artists in preserving African cultural identity expressed through art. The exhibition, an installation of paintings by Nana Frema, is supported by an exhibition grant and will run from May 1 to June 1, 2023.

The exhibition features several works that explore the concept of duality in everyday life, to encourage viewers to think about how different looks can be interpreted in different ways.

Speaking at the event, Eng George Asiedu, the Project Coordinator of the Greater Accra Metropolitan Areas – Sanitation and Water Project, expressed appreciation for the creative works of the artists.

He noted that the exhibition's complicated and layered ideas challenge us to think beyond what we initially see and find depth in our understanding. He urged attendees to purchase a piece of artwork to support the artist and contribute to preserving African cultural identity.

Madam Akwele Suma Glory, the President of the Women's Art Institute Africa (wAi Africa), described Nana Frema as one of the hardworking young ladies of wAi Africa.

She encouraged viewers of the exhibition to take a moment to look at the installation of the artworks closely, saying, “You will see in each piece the artist's hopes, aspirations, and dreams.”

In her remarks, Nana Frema thanked God for helping her with the project and thanked wAi Africa for giving her and her husband, Mr Frank Nartey, the opportunity and support throughout the work. She also extended gratitude to the exhibition grant team for their encouragement.

The Duplicity of Looks Art Exhibition is a virtual exhibition edition of wAi Africa, and Madam Akwele Suma Glory urged viewers to take solace in carefully created artwork like Nana Frema's paintings to prepare for better economic opportunities as the world's harsh economic conditions gradually improve.

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