87 persons arrested for sanitation offences in Assin North  

87 persons arrested for sanitation offences in Assin North  

Authorities in the District have taken firm action against sanitation offenders, with 87 individuals arrested for various infractions over a span of four months. Among them, 82 complied with notices to correct their actions and were subsequently released, while legal proceedings are underway for the remaining five.

The three individuals currently facing prosecution—Ama Nyame, Esi Bosompim, and Samuel Afenyi—all hailing from Assin Achianio, have been charged with offences including non-compliance with notices, straying of animals, causing damage, obstructing public officers, and crude dumping. They are scheduled to appear in the Magistrate's Court on May 22.

Samuel Eklu Fiankor, the District Environmental Prosecutor, emphasized the non-negotiable importance of maintaining a tidy environment, labelling it a collective responsibility. He underscored the necessity of stringent enforcement of sanitation laws to uphold cleanliness within the district.

Amid growing concerns about climate crisis and environmental degradation, Fiankor advocated for a shift towards sustainable living practices, particularly waste segregation. He highlighted the benefits of waste segregation in maintaining cleanliness, preventing contamination, reducing pollution, and averting disease outbreaks.

Fiankor stressed that environmental cleanliness should be a concern for all sectors of society, not solely the responsibility of government and local authorities. He called for community-wide efforts, including regular clean-up exercises, to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and mitigate the risk of diseases such as malaria and cholera.

Furthermore, he urged stakeholders in the health sector to conduct public awareness campaigns on the adverse effects of unhygienic practices on the environment and public health. By fostering a culture of environmental stewardship and collective action, Fiankor expressed optimism about creating a cleaner, healthier environment for all residents of the Assin North District.

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