Ada East District Assembly refutes claims of salt miners’ eviction

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Ada East District Assembly refutes claims of salt miners' eviction
Salt Mining

The District Assembly has countered claims made by the local miners association of Songor, asserting that the assembly's actions would render its members homeless if relocated from the Songor lagoon concession.

The miners were given a December 31 eviction deadline as part of the District Assembly's directive to clear the area for Electrochem Ghana's mining operations.

In an with Citi , the District Chief Executive of Ada East, Sarah Dugbakie Pobee, clarified that residential facilities along the concession would not be affected by the mining activities.

Contrary to the fears expressed by the local miners, Pobee assured them that Electrochem Ghana is committed to supporting their livelihoods in the region.

She emphasized that the existing houses would remain untouched, and any new developments, such as ponds created for mining purposes, would not impact the residential structures.

Pobee stated, “Nobody is evicting them, and they are not going to relocate anybody.

The houses that are there are going to remain there forever.

The ponds that they are going to create will not affect any house. So the excuse that they are giving is not valid, and I think Electrochem is ready to give them anything they want in exchange for what they are doing because they don't want to take their livelihoods from them.”

The Ada East District Assembly aims to address any misunderstandings and provide clarity to the local miners, ensuring a smooth transition and coexistence with Electrochem Ghana's mining operations in the Songor lagoon concession.

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