NCA approves Starlink Satellite Broadband for service in Ghana

The (NCA) has granted approval to Space X Starlink GH LTD, the operator of Starlink Satellite Broadband, to offer Satellite Broadband Services in Ghana.

In a brief statement released on Thursday, April 25, the NCA announced the approval, stating that it follows the policy endorsement of the satellite licensing framework by the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation. The statement added that “The administrative processes towards the issuance of the license is ongoing and will be completed shortly.”

The agreement, which involves a foreign entity acquiring a significant stake in Ghana's telecommunications infrastructure, underwent rigorous scrutiny to ensure its compliance with existing regulatory frameworks and its potential to enhance service delivery and innovation within the industry.

Minister for Communications and Digitalisation, -Ekuful, had previously informed about the government's intention to license Starlink's application to operate in Ghana as part of efforts to address internet disruptions in the country.

Providing an update on the major internet disruptions that occurred on March 18, she highlighted Starlink's pending licensing process and encouraged other operators to consider establishing a presence in Ghana.

“We must also invest in operationalising RASCOM, the Regional African Satellite Company, instead of each country going alone,” she advised.

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