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Vice President Bawumia outdoors Telecel Ghana, emphasizes telecommunications expansion

March 12, 2024
Vice President Bawumia outdoors Telecel Ghana, emphasizes telecommunications expansion

Vice President Dr has officially unveiled Ghana after the Telecel Group acquired a majority shareholding in Vodafone Ghana. The rebranding aims to expand economic access to communication services.

Telecel Ghana has taken over various operations from Vodafone, including fixed telephone lines, internet services, voice and data services, as well as cash transfer and other business services.

During the unveiling ceremony in , Dr Bawumia commended Telecel Group's investment in Ghana's telecommunications landscape and urged them to uphold high standards of ethics, transparency, and corporate governance.

He emphasized the importance of innovation in the technological landscape and urged Telecel to provide accessible, safe, affordable, and reliable network services to its customers.

Dr. Bawumia highlighted the role of telecommunications in socioeconomic development, stating that expanding access to communication infrastructure creates opportunities for economic growth and social empowerment.

He noted significant progress in rural telephony site expansion under the current administration and emphasized the introduction of technology neutrality to increase industry capacity.

Dr Bawumia also mentioned government initiatives such as Free Roaming Services and bilateral agreements with neighbouring countries to promote free roaming services.

He praised the impact of transactions and encouraged Telecel to continue promoting financial inclusivity through such services.

Dr. Bawumia commended Telecel's corporate social responsibility efforts, including initiatives supporting education, healthcare, and start-ups, aligning with the government's vision of building a more equitable society.

He urged Telecel to invest in the digital capabilities of young Ghanaians and contribute to the advancement of the nation's telecommunications sector.

Madam Patricia Obo-Nai, the CEO of Telecel Ghana, expressed readiness to provide innovative services and impact more lives in the coming years, assuring customers of the company's commitment.

Overall, the unveiling of Telecel Ghana signifies a significant development in Ghana's telecommunications landscape, with a focus on expanding access and promoting innovation.

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