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We’ve secured new internet capacity, progressively adding more – Telecel Ghana

Ghana, a leading telecommunications provider, has issued a statement addressing the recent internet disruption affecting its services. The company, known for its multiple sources of internet connectivity through SAT3, WACS, ACE, and submarine fibre links, experienced challenges on March 12th and 14th, 2024.

According to the statement, Telecel Ghana initially lost internet capacity provided by the WACS subsea cable on March 12th. However, the company swiftly switched to ACE to maintain service continuity. Unfortunately, on March 14th, Telecel Ghana faced another setback when it lost internet connectivity from its remaining providers, SAT3 and ACE, due to a cut in their undersea cables. This disruption resulted in the temporary halt of data services on both Mobile and Fixed networks.

In response to the outage, Telecel Ghana has taken proactive measures to restore internet connectivity for its customers. The company has secured new internet capacity and is progressively adding more capacities through local and international partners, including other Telecel subsidiaries. Additionally, Telecel Ghana has implemented local caching solutions to enable access to essential content services such as , Facebook, Netflix, among others.

Telecel Ghana expressed gratitude for the patience and understanding of its customers during this challenging period. The company assured customers that all refunds will be processed accordingly.

Furthermore, Telecel Ghana clarified that recent rumors suggesting the disconnection of services due to debts owed are false and should be disregarded.

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