May Day: ECG staff stage walkout on Ashanti Regional Minister’s speech

Ashanti Regional Minister

Tensions flared at the May Day celebration in the as employees of the (ECG) walked out during a speech by the Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah, on Wednesday, May 1.

The staff were protesting against the minister's decision to cause the arrest of their Regional Manager and his failure to apologize for that action.

Bismark Adomah, the National Vice Chairman of the ECG Senior Staff Workers Union, declared that the company would cease all interactions with the Minister unless an official apology and withdrawal of the case were made immediately.

“As you are aware, we already have an issue with him. He has done something that the workers front are not happy. Initially, the workers front were demanding that we shouldn't even appear at all. But we think that this is our programme and we need to represent. Since he said he's not ready to fulfil whatever we asked him to do, we don't even want to listen to him. So, this is just a peaceful protest that we're not going to listen to whatever he will say. If he's done with his speech, we'll go back.”

In addition to this protest, the workers' union of the ECG threatened to disconnect the private residence of the Ashanti Regional Minister if it is found that he owes the company for power consumed.

This threat emerged after the Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah, denied allegations that he owes electricity bills at some of his private residences.

Mr Osei Mensah clarified that, apart from his Jachie residence, all his other properties are on prepaid meters.

However, the Senior Staff Association of ECG-Ashanti West, represented by Chairman Yussif Osmanu Abdulai, stated on Luv FM that the power company is currently reconciling the meter readings from the minister's residence.

If it is found that he owes, they will not hesitate to disconnect power to his home.

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