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Renaming Tamale Airport contentious, counterproductive, lead to unnecessary controversy – Ya-Na Abukari Mahama II urges President Akufo-Addo

March 7, 2024
Ya-Na Abukari Mahama II Urges President Akufo-Addo to Reconsider Tamale Airport Renaming

Ya-Na Abukari Mahama II, the Overlord of the Dagbon Traditional Area, has issued a statement urging President to reconsider the decision to rename the International Airport as Yakubu Tali International Airport.

In the statement, Ya-Na Abukari Mahama II conveyed fraternal royal greetings from the Gbewaa Palace and expressed hope for the President's good health and high spirits. He then proceeded to address the contentious issue of renaming the airport.

The Overlord of the Dagbon Traditional Area described the proposed renaming as an unacceptable idea to him and the majority of citizens of Dagbon. He emphasized that renaming the Tamale International Airport after Tolon Naa Yakubu Tali would be contentious and counterproductive, potentially leading to unnecessary controversy for the traditional state and the entire .

Ya-Na Abukari Mahama II highlighted his personal and voluntary release of substantial lands, covering the entire expansion areas of the airport, to the government of Ghana during his tenure as then Yo-Na Abukari VII. He emphasized the importance of the lands for the infrastructural development of the airport.

Since the proposal was announced, the Gbewaa Palace has received numerous calls and communications, with many pleading for the reconsideration of the renaming. The Overlord mentioned that the considered opinion of many people and traditional leaders in the region is that such recognition should be bestowed on Na Gbewaa.

The statement concludes with Ya-Na Abukari Mahama II extending compliments of the highest consideration and urging President Akufo-Addo to reconsider the decision in light of the concerns raised by the people of Dagbon and the potential controversies the renaming might generate.

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