Oti Region: Gunfire prompts hundreds to flee Nkwanta township

Oti Region: Mass gunfire prompts hundreds to flee Nkwanta township

A wave of mass gunfire in Nkwanta township has led to the evacuation of hundreds of residents, seeking refuge in other districts and safer locations, including the national capital, amid concerns for their safety.

Mr. Joshua Makubu, the Regional Minister, addressed the media after a high-powered security meeting, emphasizing the need for humanitarian relief for those displaced by the disturbance.

He stated, “After assessing the situation and strategies to deploy in the face of the 1700-0600-hour curfew imposed on the area by the Interior Ministry on Tuesday, relief is of prime essence.”

While confirming that the situation is currently calm, Mr Makubu appealed to all parties to lay down their arms and embrace peace. Reinforced security measures have been implemented to ensure the safety of residents.

Regarding the casualties from the Monday shootout incident, conflicting figures have emerged. Mr Makubu confirmed a total of eight people shot dead, but other sources suggest higher numbers, with some reports claiming 13 or more casualties.

Reports from the (GNA) indicate that the St Joseph Catholic and Municipal Hospitals are located on Adele land.

Due to conflicts between the Akyode people and the Adele and Challa tribes, there are challenges in sending the deceased or injured to these facilities. This has contributed to varying figures of people reported dead.

Additionally, the alleged burial of the fallen tribesmen according to Islamic principles has deepened the conflicting speculations on the number of casualties.

The National Disaster Management Organisation () is collaborating with sister offices and other stakeholders to register displaced persons beyond Nkwanta South for necessary support.

The situation is being closely monitored, and efforts are underway to provide assistance to those affected by the unfortunate incident.

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