Piracy, illicit trafficking can be countered through cooperation – Italian President

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Piracy, illicit trafficking can be countered through cooperation – Italian President

During his visit to the Italian naval ship Commandant Bettica at the Port, Italian President Sergio Mattarella highlighted the importance of cooperation among stakeholders in combating piracy and illicit trafficking. He underscored the significance of naval diplomacy in supporting freedom of navigation and peaceful coexistence.

President Mattarella emphasized the role of cooperation in countering piracy and illicit trafficking, stating that it is essential for ensuring the freedom of the sea. He praised the collaboration between the Italian Navy and the Ghanaian Navy in their efforts to fight piracy in the Gulf of and create a conducive environment for maritime business.

The President commended the Ghana Navy for its partnership with the Italian Navy vessel, emphasizing the common goal of security and freedom for maritime transport and communication.

In response, Defence Minister Dominic Nitiwul expressed gratitude to President Mattarella for his visit, highlighting the benefits that countries along the Gulf of would derive from the presence of the Italian Navy vessel. He emphasized the potential for collaboration between countries in the region to enhance security in maritime zones.

A simulation exercise was conducted to showcase the coordinated efforts and skillfulness of the Italian and Ghanaian Navies in combating piracy. This demonstration highlighted the importance of joint initiatives and cooperation in addressing maritime security challenges effectively.

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