IGP sends delegation to woman whose ear Police Officer mutilated

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IGP sends delegation to woman whose ear Police Officer mutilated

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr. , has dispatched a high-level delegation of Police officers to Judith Yaakuma, a victim who suffered a severe ear injury at the hands of a Police Officer. This action comes in response to the efforts of the Crime Check Foundation (CCF) to seek justice for the victim, prompting the IGP's intervention.

Alhaji Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng, Executive Director of CCF, disclosed to the that the top police delegation visited Judith Yaakuma's family, reassuring them of the 's commitment to holding the officer accountable. He mentioned that the Police investigation into the matter is in its final stages, expressing confidence in the Police service's ability to deliver justice to the victim.

CCF, a prominent crime advocacy organization, initiated a media campaign to denounce the actions of the defiant Police Officer, identified as Clement Suputour. The public's interest in the case surged following this campaign.

Alhaji Kwarteng stated that the Police Service assured the victim that the matter would not be overlooked, emphasizing their commitment to sanctioning Suputour. He highlighted the seriousness of the incident, revealing that legal action against the has been initiated, with a lawsuit amounting to GH₵ 2.5 million filed concerning the case.

Furthermore, CFF pledged to continue monitoring the development of the case to ensure that Clement Suputour faces legal consequences and that justice is served for the victim. The victim's family expressed gratitude to CCF for the support received, including legal representation.

Alhaji Kwarteng conveyed the victim's appreciation for the foundation's tireless efforts, expressing relief that justice is finally within reach for her daughter.

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