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Lack of access routes hampers firefighting efforts in James Town and Madina Market fires

April 12, 2024
Lack of access routes hampers firefighting efforts in James Town and Madina Market fires

The (GNFS) has highlighted the challenge posed by the lack of access routes in effectively combating fires, as seen in the recent incidents at James Town and Madina Market.

Assistant Divisional Officer I (ADO1) Alex King Nartey, speaking to the (GNA) after the Madina Market fire, emphasized the difficulty faced by firefighters due to extreme congestion and inadequate access routes. He noted that the absence of clear access routes hindered the movement of fire tenders, complicating efforts to extinguish the flames.

Moreover, ADO1 Nartey pointed out that the Madina Market, lacking proper mapping, exacerbated the situation by allowing the fire to spread rapidly. He mentioned the absence of fire hydrants in the market area as another challenge faced by firefighters.

Despite these obstacles, the GNFS managed to prevent the fire from spreading extensively, saving approximately 1000 stores, shops, and adjoining properties. The cause of the fire, which started around 21:00 hours on Wednesday, remains unknown, with about 200 stores, shops, and containers affected.

Mr. Abdul-Jalil Yakubu, the area's Assembly Member, expressed concern over the extent of the damage and pledged to collaborate with relevant authorities and stakeholders to devise solutions moving forward.

The fire at Madina Market, which lasted nearly nine hours, was brought under control around 5:30 am on Thursday, with firefighters overcoming initial challenges to douse the flames.

In a similar incident, over 500 wooden structures were gutted by fire in a slum at Jamestown in , leaving hundreds homeless. The lack of access routes once again hindered firefighting efforts, with structures built too closely together for fire tenders to navigate effectively.

ADO1 Nartey emphasized the importance of adhering to best practices in fire safety to prevent such incidents, underscoring the need for improved accessibility and fire prevention measures in densely populated areas.

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