Mama Hogbe Beauty Pageant 2023: 10 contestants selected for prestigious crown

The Mama Hogbe Beauty Pageant, the official beauty competition associated with the Anlo Hogbetsotso festival, has successfully auditioned 10 aspiring young ladies who will vie for the coveted crown in November. The rigorous audition process unfolded in two phases to ensure the selection of the most deserving contestants.

The first phase of auditions took place at the Pin Drop Hotel in Anloga on Sunday, where nine determined ladies competed fiercely to secure their spots in the pageant. On Tuesday, the second phase was conducted virtually, enabling five candidates who couldn't attend the initial audition to showcase their potential and vie for the final place in the competition.

One contestant enthusiastically expressed, “I feel so proud to be part of this pageant. Mama Hogbe is not just a pageant, it carries a lot of prestige, and contesting in it alone is pride.”

Miss Jenifer Enyonam Galey, a previous winner of the pageant and a member of the organizing team, expressed satisfaction with the level of competition during the 2023 auditions, saying, “The audition was very competitive, and I like it; it means the main contest will be very interesting.”

Mr. Gift Denyo, the logistics and equipment manager of the organizing team, who supervised the online audition, shared his expectations for the forthcoming event and promised an unforgettable experience, stating, “I expect nothing but a very competitive and glamorous event…As organizers, we are almost done with our planning, and this year's event will be very eventful.”

The Mama Hogbe Beauty Pageant for 2023 is scheduled to take place on Friday, November 3, 2023, in . This will be one day before the grand durbar of the Hogbetsotso festival, scheduled for Saturday, November 4. The event will culminate in the unveiling of the eventual winners at the Hogbe Park in Anloga, where they will be celebrated by the entire Anlo State.

Over the course of one week, the 10 contestants will be accommodated and undergo intensive training and grooming in various aspects, including pageantry, cultural performances, speech delivery, and discipline, in preparation for their performances on the final day of the competition.

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