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Krachi East Municipal Assembly postpones presiding member election

February 13, 2024
Krachi East Municipal Assembly postpones presiding member election

The Municipal Assembly in the Region has postponed the election of a Presiding Member (PM) after two unsuccessful voting attempts supervised by the (EC).

Both Mr. Mark Odoro, representing Asukawkaw Electoral Area, and Mr. Foster Adom, representing Dormabin Electoral Area, fell short of the two-thirds majority votes required for victory.

In the initial and subsequent rounds of voting, Mr. Odoro secured 17 and 18 votes, while Mr. Adom received 14 and 13 votes, respectively, out of a total of 30 ballots cast.

Following the failure to elect a PM, the Municipal Assembly has scheduled another voting session to take place within the next ten days.

Mr. Issahaku Yakubu, the Krachi East Coordinating Director (MCD), explained that the decision to reschedule aligns with the Assembly's Standing Orders, which mandate a candidate to secure a two-thirds majority for victory.

Yakubu urged Assembly members to prioritize the development agenda of the Municipality over political differences. He emphasized the importance of unity in purpose to promptly elect a presiding member, enabling the Assembly to fulfill its mandate effectively.

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