Joint police-military team dispatched to Ghana Senior High School amid residents’ threats to pull down school’s wall project

A joint police-military team has been dispatched to Ghana Senior High School in response to threats made by the youth of Kukuo in the metropolis to dismantle a wall project funded by the school's Old Students Association.

Tensions have escalated between residents and the school management, with a near altercation narrowly averted. Earlier this week, six suspects were arrested for assaulting members of the security task force.

Reports indicate that the youth have vowed to persistently demolish the wall.

For the past 13 years, the construction of a wall around the school has faced vehement opposition from Kukuo residents.

Their argument centres around the belief that the wall would impede their access to the community's sole water source, thus fueling their resistance.

Security forces have assumed control of the school premises and are closely monitoring the situation.

The officers have made it clear that they will take strong action against anyone whose conduct jeopardizes the progress of the ongoing project or disrupts academic activities.

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