Ghana’s Second Lady Samira Bawumia applauds digital transformation for national progress

Ghana's Second Lady Samira Bawumia applauds digital transformation for national progress
Samira Bawumia

Mrs , the Second Lady of Ghana, commended the significant transformation achieved through the country's digital revolution, emphasizing the positive impact on the economy and governance systems. Speaking at the 70th Anniversary grand durbar of OLA Senior High School in , Mrs Bawumia highlighted the success of key digital initiatives, including the national identification and digital address systems, a national payments platform, and the interoperability of mobile-based payment systems.

Under the leadership of Vice President Dr , the digital agenda has played a crucial role in enhancing efficiency and transparency in the public sector, contributing to the fight against . Mrs. Bawumia emphasized that digitization provided new and more efficient ways of solving problems in governance and society.

The Second Lady praised the impact of the Interoperability (MMI) system on young entrepreneurs, particularly in the realms of e-commerce and online markets. MMI has simplified and secured payment processes, facilitating easier access to online marketplaces for young business owners. This inclusivity has expanded market reach and stimulated innovation in digital commerce.

Mrs. Bawumia also acknowledged the positive influence of digitization on education, citing free internet access in schools as one of the benefits. She congratulated OLA Girls for winning the 2023 National Cybersecurity Challenge and pledged to collaborate with the old students' association to enhance technology and entrepreneurial education.

During the anniversary celebration, awards and citations were presented to deserving individuals, and the school authorities highlighted infrastructure challenges, including the need for classrooms, dining halls, dormitories, school buses, and utility vehicles. Mrs Bawumia cut the sod for the construction of a 700-bed dormitory block and pledged support for the project's completion.

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