Zipline facilitates delivery of swine semen for artificial insemination

Zipline facilitates delivery of swine semen for artificial insemination
Zipline Drone Delivery

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Zipline, an aerial logistics delivery company, and Piper Pretty Farms, a livestock enterprise empowering pig farmers in Ghana, have joined forces to facilitate the delivery of swine semen for artificial insemination, thereby enhancing pig breeding practices.

Artificial insemination is a time-sensitive procedure that demands precise timing, requiring animals in estrus to be inseminated within a strict 48-hour window.

The efficiency and success of the breeding program are often compromised by the sluggish, ineffective, and labour-intensive nature of current distribution practices, leading to delays in the insemination process.

Leveraging Zipline's advanced drone technology, the partnership aims to boost the availability of semen doses, potentially reaching up to 1000 doses per week.

Maame Esi Amoah, Fulfillment Lead at Zipline Mpanya, highlighted the significance of this enhancement in the insemination process, optimizing animals' natural cycles and streamlining the breeding process.

“At Zipline, we have always been at the forefront of leveraging technology for practical and impactful solutions,” noted Maame Amoah.

She expressed pride in extending Zipline's services to the agricultural sector, specifically supporting pig in Ghana, considering it a noteworthy milestone.

In the partnership, Zipline will receive weekly deliveries of swine semen, storing them in their warehouse and incubator for safekeeping and subsequent delivery to clients.

This innovative approach involves transporting semen via drones with precision drop-off capabilities, reducing waste, enhancing semen viability, and minimizing delivery times compared to traditional methods.

Isaac Asubonteng, CEO of Piper Pretty, emphasized the game-changing impact of the collaboration, describing it as revolutionary for pig farming in Ghana.

He highlighted the efficiency and economic benefits, stating that Zipline's drone delivery could now facilitate 700 to 1,000 doses per week, significantly benefiting farmers.

Asubonteng views Zipline's initiative as a step toward precision agriculture, where technology enhances efficiency and output in farming.

The use of drone technology in delivering swine semen is expected to improve breed quality, increase meat production, and contribute to strengthening in Ghana's pig farming sector.

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