Volunteer information on terrorists’ activities in border communities – GIS Commander urges Ghanaians

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Volunteer information on terrorists' activities in border communities - GIS Commander urges Ghanaians

Mr Edward Owusu Ansah, the Sector Commander of the Immigration Service division of the (GRA) at the Hamile border has appealed to the public to volunteer information on any form of suspected terrorists' activities in the area for action.

He said terrorism was rife in the neighbouring countries, which had the tendency to spread to Ghana if proper care was not taken to avert their entry.

Mr Ansah told the press in an interview at Hamile at the weekend that though security at the border was tight, it was important for the indigenes to volunteer information on suspicious characters in their midst for the border patrol teams to take action.

“Terrorism is real and they are operating in our neighbouring countries. If we are not extra vigilant, we might one day be taken by surprise and that is why the public, especially those in border communities to volunteer information on suspicious characters among them,” he said.

He assured the public not to be afraid of reporting to security since their identity would be protected saying, “We have been properly trained as security personnel and no one's identity will be revealed if he or she volunteers for information”.

On the coup d'état in , Mr Ansah said the situation was not affecting businesses on the border and gave the assurance that the security was on high alert for any eventuality.

He said at the moment, there was no influx of Burkinabe nationals to Ghana and expressed hope that calm would continue to prevail in the area.

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