Special Prosecutor launches investigation into government payroll system for corruption

Special Prosecutor launches investigation into government payroll system for corruption
Mr. Kissi Agyebeng

Half-Year Report Highlights Efforts to Remove Ghost Workers and Recover Wrongful Payments

In a significant development, the () has officially initiated an investigation into the government's payroll system. This announcement was made in the OSP's half-year report released on December 29, 2023, outlining its commitment to identifying and rectifying irregularities in the payroll administration.

The primary focus of the investigation is to eradicate non-existent names from the payroll and recover any wrongful payments that may have occurred. The OSP, in its statement, emphasized that individuals suspected of committing offences related to in the payroll system will face prosecution.

“The Office has commenced corruption risk assessment and investigation into suspected corruption and corruption-related offences in respect of the Government of Ghana payroll administration. The assessment and investigation are especially aimed at isolating and removing non-existent names, recovering wrongful payments, and the prosecution of persons suspected to be culpable for any offence(s).”

In a collaborative effort, the OSP is working closely with the Controller and Accountant General's Department to conduct the investigation. A joint project team, comprising selected staff from both institutions, has been established for this purpose.

The investigation spans across all banks and employees on the government payroll, with two distinct phases. Phase I targets the and health institutions, while Phase II extends to cover all other Metropolitan/Municipal/District Assemblies, Ministries, Departments, and Agencies.

Furthermore, the OSP revealed that it is concurrently handling 152 other cases at various stages of consideration. The office maintained that the details of these cases would be made public if it determines they fall within its mandate and should proceed beyond the preliminary investigation stage. This policy is intended to safeguard the privacy of individuals and the operational integrity of institutions while avoiding unnecessary stigmatization.

The outcome of this investigation is eagerly awaited, as it holds the potential to enhance transparency and accountability within the government's payroll administration.

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