How is new school uniform colour a higher priority than quality of education?

quality of education

The idea of nationhood is, inherently, an idea of competition. As a result, nations are perpetually in competition in many respects among themselves. So that even when they form alliances, nations do so, still, to have some advantage over other nations.

Now, a nation is nothing more than its people. That is – a nation cannot be great if its citizens are mediocre. Similarly, a nation's people will be mediocre if their systems of education is mediocre. So, I think, what Ghanaians want is globally competitive education for our children.

You'll be there and a minister (who, himself, could be sacked at will) will just announce that school uniform colours (which have existed for decades) will change. He won't tell us how the colour of school uniform has any immediate effect on the quality of education.

He won't even tell us how the uniform's colour is of a higher priority over the quality of study material, infrastructure, quality of , teachers' conditions of work, teaching materials, access, etc. nothing! Just the colours.

In fact, he won't even bother to explain how he came by the new colours.

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