Cheddar’s inconsistencies unbefitting of a wannabe president

Let me quickly rant about Cheddar. Yes, I want to rant about because I have bigger and better issues to rant about.

Do you recall I told you I would be back to talk about Cheddar?

This is not the time, but I just feel like filling in a gap.

As I said before, I am not against the Youth Agenda. What I am against is the lies he is presenting to us as the truth.

Since he started this campaign to be president, I think this is about the second time an interviewer has asked him a basic question. The first was, I think, Avle, and now Bola Ray.

Bola Ray, as proud as he is about his Alma Mater, Academy, would not conclude a chat with an Old Student without finding out common things about the school. He thought he was asking to invoke some nostalgic memories, but little did he know that the interviewee, Cheddar, only attended Accra Academy for six months and left for Apam Secondary School in 1994, so he could not remember the motto of these schools, let alone sing an anthem.

All he could recall of Accra Aca was the Bleoooooo! tagline.

He told Wikipedia that he studied business at Waltham Forest College, , but told Bola Ray that he attended Westminster University.

This is the problem I have with your Cheddar. He consistently churns out inconsistent stories.

Any presidential candidate worth his salt should at least stay consistent on his educational history.

How do you spend only six months in a school and decide to include that on your CV? Who does that?

This is unbefitting of a wannabe president.

Just tell us what you are, what you have achieved, and what makes you think you are in a position to change the narrative.

Don't misguide the youth to follow you sheepishly for what you are not.

Grow your followers organically.

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