Police, group force entry into Adwampong royal family stool room, sparking unrest

Adwampong royal family stool room

In a concerning turn of events, tension is rising in the New Juaben traditional area following the forceful entry into the stool room of the Adwampong royal family in .

The group, accompanied by the New Juaben Divisional Police Commander, reportedly broke into the room, intensifying a standoff initiated by the queen mother's resistance to the alleged unlawful removal of the black stool.

The black stool, earmarked for the enstoolment ceremony of a new Chief for the Adwampong royal family, has become the focal point of the brewing conflict. The enstoolment, scheduled for later this evening at the Yiadom Hwedie Palace by Daasebere Kwaku Boateng III, faces uncertainties amid the ongoing dispute.

Queen mother Nana Akosua Afrakoma, who has overseen the stool for 29 years, vehemently opposed the attempted removal, asserting that the claimant for the enstoolment has not been nominated or known to her. Expressing her dismay at the situation, she emphasized the lack of awareness regarding the new king they are allegedly choosing.

Despite the resistance, the group, led by Koforidua Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Emmanuel Baah and armed personnel from the Counter Terrorism Unit, forcefully entered the stool room, changing the locks. The queen mother, expressing surprise at the police's actions, declared her continued role as the queen.

Amid the escalating tension, two individuals have been apprehended by the police, adding a layer of complexity to the unfolding situation. The clash between tradition, authority, and resistance sets the stage for a challenging enstoolment ceremony later tonight.

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