Israel should immediately overturn its decision to close Al Jazeera – JSI

Israel should immediately overturn its decision to close Al Jazeera - JSI

The Journalists Sanctuary International (JSI) has strongly criticized the Israeli government's decision to shut down the local operations of Al Jazeera, labelling it as a perilous precedent amid global hostility towards journalists and media organizations.

In a statement conveyed to the , JSI expressed deep concern over the closure, particularly in the wake of World Press Freedom Day celebrations, deeming the move unfortunate.

According to sources cited by JSI, the Israeli government not only closed Al Jazeera's local operations but also seized some of its equipment and blocked access to its website.

JSI emphasized the grave consequences of such actions, highlighting the risks journalists face while covering conflict zones, such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It noted that the closure of Al Jazeera's operations could deprive millions of crucial information about the ongoing Israeli-Hamas war, as the network has provided continuous coverage, particularly from the Gaza Strip.

JSI underscored the significance of press freedom and called upon the Israeli government to revoke its decision, citing the importance of upholding the principles of the rule of law and democracy. It urged authorities to ensure unfettered access for Al Jazeera and other news organizations to report without fear.

The organization expressed solidarity with Al Jazeera's determination to pursue legal avenues to protect its rights and journalists, as well as the public's right to information.

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