Momo fraud: MTN should learn from AT, Telecel

Why is MTN pretending about the prevalent issue on their network? Can they explain why MoMo fraud is widespread and recurring with their system, while customers of other networks like and AT aren't experiencing similar issues with Telecel Cash or AT cash fraud? What sets MTN MoMo apart? What's it?

The Ministry of Communication led us to believe that with the Almighty , every SIM card would be properly registered, making it easier to combat SIM box fraud, MoMo theft, and other crimes. Consequently, the entire nation was compelled to undergo a SIM card re-registration exercise using only the Ghana Card.

Years after this re-registration effort, the situation seems to have worsened, with MTN in particular seemingly helpless as customers' funds are pilfered from their wallets.

What I find perplexing is MTN's ostensible public posture, implying they can assist in tracing stolen MoMo funds if reported to them.

They know, as well as I do, that the most MTN can do is reverse a wrongful transaction. Even that requires considerable effort, including prayers and fasting, to ensure the recipient doesn't deplete their account before the complaint is logged. They're aware of their limitations.

For MTN to effectively combat MoMo fraud, they must set aside their industry dominance and learn from the technologies utilized by Telecel and AT Cash to enhance their own. It wouldn't diminish their standing; they'd still be MTN with the largest subscriber base in Ghana. Alternatively, they could invest in robust technology if they're reluctant to learn from competitors to safeguard their customers' interests.

Furthermore, regulatory bodies such as the NCA, the , and the Ministry of Communication must ensure that any telecommunication company offering services is held accountable for funds stolen from customers' accounts.

This approach would compel MTN to take MoMo fraud seriously. MoMo fraud appears to be exclusive to MTN, indicating a systemic flaw that must be addressed.

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