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Oti: Tragic collision claims 2 lives between Dodi-Papase and Kadjebi

December 26, 2023
Oti: Tragic collision claims 2 lives between Dodi-Papase and Kadjebi
A Car on Fire

In a tragic incident, a collision between a Cocoa Taskforce Isuzu vehicle and a suspected Toyota Vitz carrying bags of dried cocoa beans resulted in the death of two individuals.

The occurred during a chase from Dodi-Papase to . The deceased include Peter Agblah, a 21-year-old footballer with Warriors, and Paul Arlowe, a 22-year-old footballer from the same team.

The collision took place when the National Security Cocoa Taskforce vehicle was pursuing the suspected cocoa-laden Toyota Vitz.

Unfortunately, Peter Agblah died instantly, and Paul Arlowe, who suffered various degrees of injury, later succumbed to his injuries at St. Mary Theresa Hospital, Dodi-Papase. Their bodies have been deposited at the hospital's mortuary.

The accident has triggered anger among the youth of Koto-Nkwanta, the community in the Kadjebi District where the incident occurred.

Infuriated by the collision involving the National Security vehicle, the youth set the car ablaze. David Agblah, a brother of the deceased Peter Agblah, revealed that his late brother was returning from Kadjebi to their village, Yadzo, at the time of the accident.

Superintendent Gyan-Mante Frempong, the Kadjebi District Police Commander, confirmed the accident and mentioned that investigations are underway.

The tragic incident, which happened on December 25 around 20:48 hours, has plunged Koto-Nkwanta and neighbouring villages into mourning.

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