Krachi East: Tragic hit-and-run accident claims life of four-year-old boy

In a devastating hit-and-run incident that occurred on Monday, a four-year-old boy named Richmond Mbelbicy lost his life after being struck by a speeding vehicle with registration number WR 3112-19.

The incident took place at Asante Akura near Kpelema in the Municipality of the Region.

The unfolded when the young boy attempted to cross the road, completely unaware of the imminent danger. Shockingly, the driver of the vehicle involved in the incident fled the scene, leaving the innocent child behind.

Authorities from the Motor Traffic and Transport Division (MTTD) of the have confirmed the occurrence to the (GNA) during their investigation into this tragic hit-and-run incident. Efforts are underway to apprehend the driver responsible for this callous act.

The community is in shock and mourning over the loss of young Richmond. The grief-stricken family of the deceased has expressed their anguish and sorrow at the untimely death of their beloved child.

In light of this heart-wrenching hit-and-run accident, Unikple Majoin, the headman of the community, has passionately appealed to the government to take immediate action by constructing speed bumps, particularly along the Nantwi-Akura route leading to Asante-Akura. This plea is aimed at enhancing road safety and ensuring that such tragic incidents are prevented in the future.

Concerned community members have echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the urgent need for the installation of speed-calming devices along the road. They firmly believe that such measures will effectively reduce the occurrence of overspeeding and reckless driving, making the roads safer for everyone.

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