Mensah Otabil encourages strong faith for 2024 challenges

Mensah Otabil encourages strong faith for 2024 challenges
Pastor Mensah Otabil

During the Cross Over service of the International Christian Gospel Church (ICGC) on 's Eve, Pastor , the General Overseer, urged Ghanaians to embrace strong faith in the Lord to navigate the challenges of 2024.

Speaking to the congregation, he emphasized the importance of trusting in God's guidance and finding victory in Him amidst uncertainties.

While acknowledging that challenges and difficulties might arise in the new year, Pastor Otabil assured the congregation that God would be with them, leading, guiding, and fighting battles on their behalf.

He emphasized the need for unwavering faith and trust in God's sovereignty.

“I cannot promise you that there will be no problems in 2024… that you'll not go through some valleys and difficulties ahead of you.

All I can promise you is, God is there with you, He'll guide, lead, and give you victory and fight your battles for you,” Pastor Otabil stated.

Encouraging believers to trust in God's knowledge of the future, he highlighted the omnipotence and omniscience of God.

Pastor Otabil urged the congregation to have an encounter with God in 2024, emphasizing that trusting in the Lord and acknowledging His presence in all aspects of life would lead to success.

“There's nothing about your future that's a secret to God that He must learn about; He knows the end from the beginning,” Pastor Otabil affirmed.

He stressed the importance of knowing God, describing Him as the “great I am” who is present at all times, causes all things to be, and moves all things without being moved.

As believers welcomed the new year, the message from Pastor Otabil aimed to inspire confidence, resilience, and a deepened connection with God as they face the uncertainties of 2024.

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