Uphold principles of equity – Chief Justice to judiciary 

Uphold principles of equity - Chief Justice to judiciary 

Justice Gertrude Araba Esaaba Sackey Torkornoo, the Chief Justice, has called on the judiciary to endeavour to uphold the principles of equity and remain impartial in the dispensation of justice.

“Magistrate, lawyers, and the entire judicial staff must strive to uphold the principles of equity, transparency, and impartiality as they strive to protect the rights and liberties of citizens,” she advised.

Justice Torkonoo entreated the staff of the judiciary to also work in humility and allowed integrity to remain their hallmark in the justice delivery system.

Describing employees of the judiciary as “guardians of the law, entrusted with the responsibilities of protecting the rights and liberties of fellow citizens”, the Chief Justice called on them to conduct themselves responsibly both in the courtroom and outside the courtroom.

Justice Torkonoo gave the advice in a speech read on her behalf by Justice Gabriel Nene Kwao Mate-Teye of the High Court at the inauguration of the Dormaa West District Court and a bungalow at Nkrankwanta in the .

The District Assembly funded the construction of the court and the bungalow through the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF).

“Your conduct, both inside and outside the court has the power to shape lives, communities and the fabric of society, or cause your registries to deny the rights and entitlements of a nation,” Justice Torkonoo stated.

She indicated the establishment of the court marked a significant step forward in the nation's collective journey towards ensuring accessibility and fairness in the dispensation of justice.

“Today justice has been brought to the doorstep of the people in the area eliminating the barrier of distance and inconvenience”, she stated, saying “The inauguration is a testament of the judiciary's commitment to extending the reach of justice to every corner of the nation”, she stated.

Justice Torkonoo expressed her gratitude to the district assembly for funding the project, saying the courthouse represented a steadfast commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring that justice was not a privilege reserved for the few, but a right accessible to every individual.

“The opening of a new courthouse represents a triumph of our values, signifies unwavering dedication to building a society where fairness prevailed, where the law is applied equitably and where everyone's voice is heard,” she stated.
The court will serve as a true reminder that despite the challenges that any community may face there's a forum of resolving conflict leading to stronger and more resilient societies, she stated.

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