I’ll appoint a maximum of 40 ministers – Alan Kyerematen

Alan Kyerematen
Alan Kyerematen

, an independent presidential candidate in the upcoming , has pledged to appoint a maximum of 40 ministers if entrusted with managing Ghana's economic affairs. The statement came during an interview with Angel FM's Kwame Tanko in last Friday, as part of Mr. Kyerematen's media tour of the .

The interview followed the successful organization of a National Economic Summit by Mr. Kyerematen, focused on discussing strategies for economic progress from 2025 onwards. The candidate emphasized his commitment to consensus building as a leader, believing it to be a crucial quality for effective long-term economic planning in Ghana.

The Economic Summit was based on Mr. Kyerematen's Great Transformational Plan (GTP), a comprehensive fifteen-point plan for national transformation. The summit addressed key topics such as fixing the macro-economy, industrializing through value addition to natural resources, establishing new pillars of growth, and creating strategic anchor industries to diversify the export base.

Additionally, discussions centred around an Agricultural Revolution, aiming to enhance agricultural production and productivity, along with positioning Ghana as the preferred tourist destination in Africa. Mr. Kyerematen's initiatives and plans underscore his vision for a transformed and diversified Ghanaian economy.

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