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Ghana Journalists Association congratulates new Information Minister

February 16, 2024
Ghana Journalists Association congratulates new Information Minister
Ms Fatimatu Abubakar

The (GJA) has congratulated Ms Fatimatu Abubakar, Minister-designate for Information, urging her to prioritize freedom of expression and the safety of journalists upon assuming office.

GJA called for initiatives aimed at combating misinformation and promoting media literacy, inclusivity, and respect. Mr. Albert Kwabena Dwumfour, President of GJA, expressed confidence in Ms. Abubakar's leadership in addressing challenges and contributing to a vibrant media landscape.

He emphasized the importance of the new Information Minister contributing to the unhindered flow of information between the government and the citizenry, with the media serving as the bridge.

“We look forward to an open and transparent, non-propagandist communication of government programs and activities to the people,” Mr. Dwumfour stated.

Safeguarding journalists' ability to report without fear is crucial for a healthy democracy, he noted and urged Ms Abubakar to uphold these values to foster transparency and accountability within society.

The GJA also called for the revitalization of the media industry to help citizens make informed decisions, encourage public discourse, and promote accountability.

Mr. Dwumfour highlighted the importance of a cordial working relationship between the GJA and Ms Abubakar, similar to that with Mr .

Emphasizing the safety of journalists, Mr. Dwumfour stated that attacks on practitioners posed a threat to individuals and the principles of freedom of the press and freedom of expression. He called for swift and decisive action to protect journalists and hold those responsible for attacks accountable, pledging the Association's support for Ms. Abubakar.

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