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GJA Chairman urges government, media owners to pay deserving salaries to journalists

December 23, 2023

Mr Yakubu Abdul-Majeed, the Northern Regional Chairman of the (GJA), has called on the government and media house owners to ensure that journalists receive fair and deserving salaries.

Speaking at a socialization and dinner ceremony organized by the Northern Regional branch of GJA in , he emphasized the need for media houses to advocate for the provision of necessary tools and equipment to facilitate journalists' work.

Mr Abdul-Majeed also stressed the importance of providing incentives for journalists in the regions, as it would motivate them to carry out their duties effectively.

Addressing the issue of attacks on journalists, Mr Abdul-Majeed expressed concern about the frequent incidents in the region and across the country. He emphasized that journalists should not be subjected to physical violence or mistreatment, stating, “Journalists are not dogs.

We are not goats, sheep that can be kicked, slapped, and beaten at any given moment.” He assured journalists in the of the GJA's support and pledged to hold accountable anyone who attempts to attack or harm journalists, emphasizing that such individuals would face the full consequences of the law.

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