GAF, U.S Army ends 2020 MEDREX training

The in partnership with the Army Africa has successfully ended the 2020 Medical Readiness Training Exercises (MEDREX) Programme in .

The three-week exercise is an exchange programme between the Ghana Armed Forces and the United States Army Africa, which seeks to provide humanitarian assistance and free medical care to the people of the host nation.

The programme, which started in 2013 encourages the U.S military medical personnel to perform critical medical skills and offers them the opportunity to work with other militaries and civilians.

It also seeks to help improve the skills of U.S Military medical forces and that of military medical professionals of Ghana.

Brigadier-General Raymond Ewusi, Director-General, Ghana Armed Forces Medical Services, speaking at the closing ceremony, expressed profound gratitude to the U.S Army for the collaboration, adding that the exercise was unique and historical.

He said despite the delay in organising 2020 MEDREX due to the pandemic, the session was successful with all targets met.

The Director-General said MEDREX was one of the military's unique and successful training programmes, providing invaluable real-world preparation for troops, adding that it was an honour for the GAF to host it.

Brigadier General Ewusi said in spite of the challenges of scarce logistics the Hospital faced, the scope of MEDREX activities undertaken at the various units had broadened their understanding on how medical treatment could be extended to all who needed it.

He also expressed gratitude to the US team for also donating medical consumables worth $15,000 as part of the exercise. Colonel Jennifer Gurney, Surgeon U.S Army Institute of Surgical Research and MEDREX Team Lead, thanked the 37 Military hospitals for involving them in their lives, profession and the care of patients.

“To say that this experience has been rewarding will be an understatement. We shared in the care of over 650 patients and participated in over 60 surgical cases.”
“When we consider the objectives of this exercise, to build trust, improve cooperation, increase capabilities, and deepen relationships, as well as improve medical readiness, these objectives were unquestionably met,” Col Gurney stated.

Colonel James Grady, U.S Army Southern European Task Force, Africa Command Surgeon, advised the soldiers to remain humble as there was always something new to learn.

The GAF and U.S Army conducted medical operations and procedures together in an effort to impart and share best practices, as well as build and strengthen capacity.

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