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Cosmetic dealers urged to advocate against skin bleaching

April 28, 2022

Some cosmetic dealers in Kpone and have called for strong public education and advocacy about bleaching products and their side effects before selling to potential users.

They said although cosmetic sales were a business out of which they make a profit and satisfy the demands of their customers, they needed to also highlight some dangers associated with buying bleaching products to the buyers.

The cosmetic sellers told the in an interview at Tema that most of the customers come to buy some products because of what they have heard from friends and colleagues without taking into consideration, that, they have different types of skins that require different treatment.

They lamented that skin bleaching is common among the youth and must be addressed with immediate effect as it has long-term implications on the skin.

Madam Agness Lawer, a cosmetic seller in Kpone told the GNA that most people were naive and use a product without seeking expert knowledge on the type of skin they have and the products they want to use but because the cream had been on someone, they will also want to use it.

She added that some people have low self-esteem and think that they would be confident after bleaching, which is never, and noted that education from cosmetic sellers could help minimize the rate at which people were bleaching and called other sellers to sensitize their customers.

Mr Jaden Kodua, a cosmetic dealer, said bleaching weakens the natural skin layers which expose it to skin disorders that become difficult to deal with.

He added that “bleaching products react negatively on the skin during dry seasons especially under the hot sun because it does not go with heat, it usually produces its side effect when it comes into contact with heat.”

Ms Akua Yeboah also indicated that “most people claim they want to bleach to look beautiful, obtaining a smooth and perfect skin is not a bad thing but there are consequences but only a few listen, others don't.”

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