Ghana Journalists Association and EPA forge partnership to prioritize environmental discourse

Ghana Journalists Association and EPA forge partnership to prioritize environmental discourse

The (GJA) and the (EPA) have joined forces to elevate public discourse on environmental issues, aiming to foster attitudinal change and inform policy decisions.

The collaboration between the two institutions comes in response to growing concerns over environmental degradation and the urgent need for proactive measures to address pressing challenges such as climate change, , air pollution, and land degradation.

During a courtesy visit led by Mr. Albert Kwabena Dwumfour, President of the GJA, to Dr. John Kingsley Krugu, the newly appointed Executive Director of the EPA in , both parties underscored the importance of amplifying environmental issues in the media to drive awareness and action.

The visit also served as an opportunity to congratulate Dr. Krugu on his appointment and explore potential areas of collaboration between the GJA and the EPA. Among the discussed initiatives was the commemoration of the 2024 World Press Freedom Day, scheduled to take place in , , on May 3, 2024.

This year's global theme, “A Press for the Planet: Journalism in the Face of the Environmental Crises,” resonates with the GJA's commitment to prioritizing environmental matters and collaborating with relevant stakeholders to tackle environmental challenges effectively.

Mr. Dwumfour emphasized the GJA's readiness to establish a long-term partnership with the EPA, emphasizing the importance of quality reporting and journalist training to enhance understanding and coverage of environmental issues.

In response, Mr. Krugu welcomed the proposed partnership and stressed the pivotal role of journalists in driving positive change. He called for sustained efforts to raise awareness and urged media outlets to allocate significant coverage to environmental issues to influence public opinion and policy formulation.

Mr. Krugu emphasized the need for collective action, urging political parties and the public to prioritize environmental concerns. He highlighted the far-reaching implications of individual actions on the environment and advocated for increased education and advocacy efforts to promote environmental sustainability.

The collaboration between the GJA and the EPA signifies a crucial step towards fostering a culture of environmental consciousness and mobilizing collective action to safeguard Ghana's natural heritage for future generations.

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