Business operators in Krachi West fume over power crisis

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Business operators in Krachi West fume over power crisis

Businesses in the Region of Ghana continue to grapple with long and intermittent power fluctuations, coupled with low voltage issues, adversely impacting their operations and financial viability.

Numerous business operators in the Krachi West Municipality have voiced their frustration over the ongoing power crisis, urging the Ministry of Energy to intervene and address the situation promptly.

According to some affected individuals interviewed by the (GNA), the energy crisis has significantly raised operational costs and led to loss of earnings.

Madam Rukiyatu Musa lamented the collapse of her stores, which heavily relied on electricity, resulting in the disposal of spoiled goods such as chicken, drinks, yoghurts, and fan milk.

Mr. Fredrick Owusu Nkrumah, the owner of “Nyame be kyere” cold store, emphasized the critical need for a consistent power supply to meet customer demands effectively, expressing discontent with the current situation and urging government intervention.

Residents like Madam Faustina Ama Seyire highlighted the adverse effects of the power crisis on household comfort, citing discomfort caused by heat and mosquitoes, with damaged refrigerators due to voltage fluctuations exacerbating the situation.

The power challenges have even compelled authorities at Krachi West Municipal Hospital to seek a stable power supply from NEDCO, as revealed in a petition submitted to local authorities and regional health entities. The hospital cited exorbitant monthly expenses exceeding GHC 60,000 on fuel to operate an outdated generator as unsustainable.

In light of these grievances and economic ramifications, urgent action is imperative to mitigate the adverse effects of the power crisis and restore stability to businesses and households in the Region.

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