Tourists urge Ghana Tourism Authority for shelter on Mount Afadjato

Tourists urge Ghana Tourism Authority for shelter on Mount Afadja

Tourists visiting Mount Afadjato, Ghana's tallest mountain and a popular tourist site, have called on the (GTA) and relevant authorities to provide shelter on the mountain to protect holidaymakers from the rain and sun.

Mount Afadjato, located in the District of the , attracts numerous visitors each year. However, the lack of shelter on the mountain has left tourists vulnerable to sudden changes in weather conditions.

During a recent visit, a group of tourists experienced frustration when they were caught in the rain without any refuge. In an interview with the (GNA), they emphasized the need for a resting space on the mountain, especially during emergencies like rainstorms.

Mrs. Afia Amankwah, an internal tourist, highlighted the necessity of providing shelter to encourage more tourists to visit the site, particularly during the rainy season. She shared her experience of getting drenched in the rain due to the absence of shelter and emphasized the importance of connecting with nature while ensuring visitors' safety.

Mr. Mansour Balde, a Guinean tourist, echoed the call for a resting space, emphasizing its significance in providing tourists with a conducive environment to enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountain. He expressed satisfaction with choosing Ghana as a vacation destination and praised the natural beauty of Mount Afadjato.

Mrs. Mary Dela, a resident and hotel manager at the Bamboo River Resort, emphasized the impact of the lack of shelter on tourist visits to Mount Afadjato during vacations and holidays. She stressed the need for authorities to address this issue to enhance tourists' experiences and promote tourism in the region.

The call for shelter on Mount Afadjato underscores the importance of providing essential amenities to ensure visitors' safety and comfort while preserving the natural beauty of Ghana's iconic landmarks.

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