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Bono Region confirms case of MonkeyPox

August 2, 2023

Dr Prince Quarshie, the acting Deputy Director in charge of Public Health at the Bono Regional Health Directorate, says the region has recorded a confirmed case of Monkey Pox disease out of six suspected cases.

The suspected cases were recorded in four Districts while the confirmed case was one of two results received.

The results of the other four tests are still pending, Dr Quashie told the .

He said, “Monkey Pox is an infectious viral disease which is spread from infected animals such as monkeys, squirrels and grass cutters” and could also be transmitted from infected humans with close contact.

Dr Quarshie said the four patients were in isolation pending the outcome of the results.

He explained that in suspected cases entire members of a household were kept in isolation until the release of the result because non-infected occupants could also be infected through contact with affected persons' bed sheets, towels, clothing and other objects.

He said people could be infected through hunting and handling infected meats while human transmission could also occur through exposure to infected body fluids, blood and contaminated objects by droplets.

Dr Quarshie advised the general public to report to the hospital on time in case of suspected ill-feeling, particularly with symptoms of skin rashes, fever, cough, severe headache, joint pains and severe muscle pain.

He urged the populace to avoid handshaking, getting closer to sick people, practice regular hand washing with soap under running water, social distancing as well and compliance with and adherence to all other preventive and safety protocols to help prevent the spread of the disease.

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