2024 Polls: NPP losing Akan votes

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In 2020 elections, 69% of Akans voted for Nana Akuffo Addo but now the polls shows only 51% intend to vote for Dr Bawumia. In the 2020 John Mahama share of the Akan votes was only 29% but now 38% intend to vote for him in the 2024 elections and further 8% intend to vote for Alan Kyeremanten.

Mahama now leads among all ethnic groups except in the Akans and Mande, where he is tied with DMB. The Mande ethnic group includes the Fulbe group (Fulani).

Among Akan group, JDM is up 9% compared to 2020. Among the Guans, JDM is up 7%, among Ga-Adangme, JDM is up 15%, among Ewes, JDM is 8%, among Mole-Dagbani, JDM is up 6%, among Gurma, JDM is up 19%, among Grushie, JDM is up 10%, among Mande, JDM is down 3% and among the other ethnic groups, JDM is up 5%.

JMD made gains across all ethnic groups except the Made which we believe is because of the Fulbe.

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